‘When I joined the “Back to Work” workshop, I had been looking for a while and had gone through a lot of interviews. Roz gave me the additional boost of confidence and the edge I needed to beat competition and get an offer. She is an amazing person and trainer. She quickly identifies what issues need to be addressed and how, and gives participants focus. All that with an upbeat and positive attitude. I am grateful I met her and I highly recommend this workshop to those who are ready for the next step in their lives.’ Franciska

‘I want to say thank you for bringing back my enthusiasm, confidence and new expectations, I commend you on your optimism, professionalism, dynamics and charisma. The workshop theme wasn’t only about returning to the labour market, but also for activities and practice I can use in daily life to achieve my personal goals and dreams.

I wish all the success you deserve through your work and efforts to  realise your dreams.’ Veronica

‘I loved attending the sessions, every week I learned something new, Roz has been an excellent coach, who always has time to listen.’ Lauren

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‘Coaching is very useful for everyone who is unsure of what to do in their career and plan their own life.’ Fatima

‘I was broadly grinning after every session! Roz has the charisma to retrieve everything that is best in a person – I would highly recommend her.’  Olga

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